Two Poems from Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, One of the 2016 Poets for Peace

Guiding Light

The present is here
The past doesn’t exist anymore 
And the future hasn’t me yet.
No time to sit and mope over past regrets.

Be grateful for all that you have today
And all that is given to you.
Love unconditionally, love freely.
Grow in love; celebrate what you have.

The halls and gullies of your mind
Are filled with haunting memories.
They shall whisper to you every day,
The heartbeat of which will never fade.

Your home; your family; is where your heart is.
Some days may be tough,
So if you don’t just sit and mope
Together, you will be able to cope.

Don’t sulk and sob, whine and cry.
All you need is some peace and quiet.
Let love follow wherever you go.
Allow your heart to always be filled with hope.

Leave sad thoughts behind, and
Let harmony and joy fill your mind.

— Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

In Peace I Protest
For replacing towering trees with skyscrapers
And soil with concrete.
For arms and ammunition in the hands of children
And children in wombs addicted to drugs.
For every abused citizen of the country
And every veteran fighting for his right
In peace I protest.
For every menacing bomb that replaces literature
And takes away our freedom of speech.
For every forceful government
Whose policies leave us numb.
For every farmer whose yield goes waste
And inflation breaking his backbone driving him to suicide.
In peace; I protest.
For every citizen continually fighting 
For the right to represent himself as an equal.
For paid media creating a chaotic and a violent environment
As they continually prove they are pawns to the system.
For extreme consequences that nonconformity brings
And disparities on pretext of complexion, culture, and religious beliefs.
In peace I protest.
It’s time to speak up
And protest against the laws
That allow the violation of our human liberties
And deterioration of our resources.
It’s time to lead, and simplyBe the change we want to see
It’s time to protest in peace.

— Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

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Flower shop is closed

Check out this great poem from one of the newest members of our TRIBE OF Creative souls.

Let it be beautiful


Picture ^Children’s grave^

The flower shop was closed long time ago.Even before the soldier was born.Had nothing to bring on his final destination to get to know his heart.

He walked alone.

Heavy footsteps echoed through eternity.

All of soldier’s power collapsed to his knees on his own grave.

Soldier’s tear fell on the ground.

Long time ahead the soldier’s grave yard has become field of flowers.

The soldier left the battlefield and came armed in this exquisite war.

And won by one single exquisite tear.


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Peace Song ‘The United States Of Planet Earth‘ by Michel Montecrossa

​Please take a few minutes to enjoy our first guest blogger and new Partner in Peace. We are excited to introduce a wonderful talent with a global vision of Peace as exemplified in the various media they engage in as a Poet, Musician, and Artist.

– – – – – –

Image © Filmaur Multimedia  
‘The United States Of Planet Earth‘ is Michel Montecrossa’s 
New-Topical-Song about the way into the future.

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘The United States of Planet Earth’:

“Truth or the abyss is the current situation: more greed, more 
conflicts, more poverty, more injustice, more climate change, more 
natural disasters, famines and more helplessness or a world wide 
awakening. If we want to have a future, or even want to survive, we need 
the United States of Planet Earth – there is no other way out.“

Listen here to the song on Audiomack:

Watch here the music video of the song on Vimeo:

Song Lyrics
The United States Of Planet Earth

The United States of Planet Earth
are my vision of the future world.
The United States of Planet Earth
with the United Nations as world government.

The Union of Eurasia
are my vision of the next step
on the way to reach the great goal
of the United States of Planet Earth.

The living celebration of humanity
is my vision of the future world
on an earth of peace and happiness,
of freedom and joy for all.

Through work for all and equal wages,
through justice for all in all lands,
through giving and taking in the right way,
through friendship of all on the future planet.

The United States of Planet Earth
are my vision of the future world:
All nations united in the will for peace
and progress on the way into space age.

Space age time.
Space age wide.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

The German version of this song ‘Die Vereinigten Staaten Des Planeten 
Erde’ can be found here (audio: ) & 
(video: )

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa 

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Calling All Creative Minds/Peace lovers/dreamers/finders of hope to our creative collaboration – Tales of Love

Hello Everyone,

Please join us as we celebrate this month of ‘love’ with love that goes beyond time… Love for humanity, love for our beautiful planet, love for our mother, our father, our brother, our sister, our friends, our partners and for each other, love for peace, and love for hope…and share these tales of love in a mini collaboration brought to you by the #PoetsforPeace trio – Michael, Marie and Neha.

If you haven’t taken part in our previous collaboration before, you can see our #Poets for Peace Collaboration here. Stay tuned for more information on our grand collaboration later this year, #PoetsforPeace2017.
This will be at a much smaller scale; however, will have a similar feel and flow.
Below are the rules to participate:
  • Please place your contribution in the comments section (We will accept all contributions except for any that we deem hateful or inappropriate) Make sure to post your blog or email address beneath the piece.
  • Your contributions will be added in the order they come ( we usually try to update  every weekend) and your name and blog (if provided) will be listed under it.
  • This collaboration will be open until midnight (Eastern time) February 28th. So please enter before then to participate.
free google image/ credit goes to original photographer
free google image/ credit goes to original photographer

Here is my piece to start this off:

Sunrise scattered, 
the tales of love,
in the orange skies…
and my heart smiled
to see this majestic glow

-Neha (

It was the day you said hello
First thing in the morning that was
The lab you were about to show
We were introduced, then a pause
First thing in the morning that was
I was the new girl in the lab
We were introduced, then a pause
City was a bit of a drab
I was the new girl in the lab
And you were such a gentleman
City was a bit of a drab
You showed it to me like a fan
And you were such a gentleman
Showered me all your attention
You showed it to me like a fan
With friends, we had a lot of fun
Showered me all your attention
Till the last day of the training
With friends, we had a lot of fun
And from a distance, love we bring
Till the last day of the training
Two years later we got married
And from a distance, love we bring
After thirty years, love we lead
Two years later we got married
The lab you were about to show
After thirty years, love we lead
It was the day you said hello
(c) ladyleemanila 2017

Let’s Love Again

Walking down streets
I look at signboards
That hide your name
For once we strode
These lanes hand-in-hand
When love was in the air!
I wonder today
If we revised our vows
Would it revive our love
Or are both lies
Past redemption
Broken promises
Like fading ink
On yellow paper
Is there a chance
To put it all behind us
Close our eyes
To soak up the tears
Whisper promises
In the tender breeze
As we make peace
With our tattered love
I hope for the day
When you will
Caress my warmth
With the tender glow
Of your fiery touch
We will make a bonfire
Burn all misgivings
Of our torturous past
And fall in love again!
Aneesha (

Golden horizon

The first morning of the world
Touching earth with love
Each dawn a new beginning
On the quest for compassion
Sue (

black topics.

cause and effects,
the butterfly’s wing.

so here on the night watch,
all is quiet , no birds sing.

touched by the small thing,
softly, we drew together,
with words, and gestures
in air, in mind.

touched by the old things
i draw and weave
the ways of night.

upload the black heart,

i write, edit, delete.
words here,
you cannot see,
do they leave a trace,
tell me.

do you sense their meaning,
and the rhyme,
are there codes
between the lines.

is there something
in words not said,
or is it here,
as clear,
as day.

when it comes.

Sonja (


My tiny self is not willing
to participate in this suggestion,
will not undertake a voluntary
evacuation — so it makes
a plan for hurricanes,
how it will shelter in place,
place tape across my eyes

so they won’t break, bring in
all of me that’s fragile,
gather all it thinks it needs
for self-sufficiency, withdraw
into some inner hallway
deep within, hide inside
determined to survive alone.

But Love is stronger than
the solitary shelter where
I cower, it roars and crashes,
takes the roof off, strips
away all my protection.
Indiscriminate, it also
tears away my self-perception,

insecurities and fears of rejection.
It rips through this tidy place
of safety that I’ve made until
there’s nothing left beneath
my feet or in my grasp but air,
and nothing left for me except
to dare the storm.

-Laura M Kaminski (


What is this love thing, then?
she asked, cheeks still pink
from being outdoors. Because
i’m not sure i can do it any more.
This fierce grasp on my heart,
it’s too much.
She sighed.
What is this love thing, then?
And we walked back
along the narrow path
between rainbow swirled puddles
and glittering glass reflecting
shards of sky. I said nothing.

I don’t know. What is
this love thing? It’s that
shard of sky. It’s that grain
of sugar, that dark line
down the edge of the cup.
It’s just love.




a golden kiss to the purple sky

little warmth to the dark night

with great passion they bind

a golden kiss to the purple sky

like a man and his wife

who promised to lead together – life

a golden kiss to the purple sky

little warmth to the dark night

2017©Sri Sudha K

Naa prapancham,My world (



It’s the power of love,

that makes my words flow..

All my thoughts penned down,

It’s the power of love,

   That inks my thoughts,

                                 Showing all that I feel,

                                    It’s the power of love,.                                                         That makes my words flow..

2017©Sri Sudha K (


Love is only light
That drives loneliness away
Gives warmth to our heart
Love is the one flame
Giving cozyness of life
Making us feel young
Flames that light our lives
Keep us going through ups & downs
Is from the love fire


2017©Sri Sudha K (



Song From The Home Of Love

The home of love is in our heart.
The home of love is where it all starts.
The home of love is on our earth,
it is there where we come to birth.

In the future we will be
on many planets throughout the universe.
We will be born far away from earth,
but in our heart she will be there.

In every cell and every gene
she will be there, a living dream.
And generations out there to come
will listen to her cosmic song.

The home of love is our soul
and our soul is the body‘s core,
is consciousness from the source supreme,
is energy united to the earthworld‘s real.

The cosmic mystery is woven into the earth.
It is the truth sacred that makes it all work.
It is the same truth that acts through our soul.
It is the love supreme. It is there in every atom.

The earth is born from the sun.
The sun is born from the galactic throng
coming from the center of the Cosmic One.
All is united, is soulful matter‘s song.

The home of love lives in our heart.
From there we go into the vast.
To millions of stars we go and infinite dimensions.
We are the home of love, we are soul and earth united.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany



My Love

There was once literally
Thousands of miles between us.

We got over that and are now so close
We hear each other’s hearts beat…

As one…

© Richard A. Martin, Jr., MD, CPC, 2017


Deja You

The first time
that I saw you
it was deja vu.
I could tell
by the look
in your eye,
it wasn’t just me
you knew me too.
Then you spoke
of past lives
and twin souls,
of vulnerability
and trust,
while we went on
midnight strolls,
sat beneath the
arched trellis
woven with gardenias.
All I could smell
was your scented hair,
sandalwood oil and you
perfumed the air.
You tasted so sweet,
and felt so soft,
on my bruised spirit.
My heart beat so hard
you said you that you
could hear it.
You placed your ear
against my chest,
and then smiled when
I sighed.
In that one moment
I would have happily
Thinking of it,
thinking of you
wishing for another
deja vu.
M. Zane McClellan (thepoetrychannel.wordpress.com_)
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved


Love is holy ,love is pure
Love is above all your fear
A modest gift we always had near
It fills all hearts with joy and cheer
Love is the strength when we are hurt
Even if we are miles apart
Prejudices cannot match love’s proficiency
Its grandure is more than pride and vanity
So start loving each and every one u find
There’s no shame in loving ‘coz love is blind



The Face of Love

Before the face of love,
I’m humbled and
rendered whole
as it divines my truth.

Before the face of love,
I’m drenched and
rendered undone
as it surrenders your truth.

Gazing upon your face,
love’s truth washes ashore –
soaking my heart as it
splashes my thirst –

Only to dissipate in your heat.

©2016 Brenda Baker
Caffeinated Ramblings:



World Peace Haiku

Love for all the world,

Spiral out to all Nation’s,

Let love and peace reign.

D.B. Mauldin



drumskin resonance
snared by the brush-beats
that syncopate passion
two hearts in their swoon
hand in hand for the
dance of all dances
bliss rising and falling
to rhythms of
generous urgency
teaching two lives
given truth of their troth
how a love can endure
in the keep to one tempo
Paul F. Lenzi (



Somewhere far from the worldly hustle,
I pause and look around,
The beauty in this eternal nature,
Simply thrills to no bound.

The undying beauty of nature,
Drives me into a merry mood,
To describe it the best,
It is the bliss of solitude.

I close my eyes just for a while,
It feels like nature is speaking to me,
I enjoy the moment and feel,
I am sinking in natural eternity.

My heart talks to the winds,
Flies with the birds in the sky,
Dances with the flowers,
And rises up and high.

As closer I go to nature,
As deeper I sink,
It’s the best gift by God,
Is what I begin to think.

The undying beauty of nature,
Fills my heart with pleasure and bliss,
I just say to myself,
It simply can’t get any better than this!
– Nikesh Lilani (


When In Your Arms

When in your arms,
the world fades away
and I’m floating on the clouds above.
No words need be shared,
when we feel the love between us,
taking a journey,
toward the sky above.
When in your arms,
I feel the joy that love brings –
I can even hear angels sing.
When in your arms,
the world can’t do me any harm.
You keep me warm and safe,
make me feel like a queen.
You take me to the stars and back,
all that I long for,
a love that is satisfying
and makes my heart beat ever faster,
as long as you are there –
when you take me in your arms.

Rasma R.


For You

if I could but dance
I’d lead you through waltzes round rays of the sun
and speed you through polkas, mazurkas on end
if I could but jump
I’d pluck the bright stars to adorn your fair hair
and tuck the moon tenderly into your lap
if I could but run
I’d race the fleet winds across mountains and glens
and chase down each songbird for your serenade
if I could but walk
I’d stroll with your hand in mine up country lanes
cajole the world’s blossoms to sweeten our way
if I could but stand
I’d fold you in close like I did when we met
and hold tight forever your heart against mine

Paul F. Lenzi (

Back to You

Saltwater rivulets
run clear
down the stone face
leaving an invisible
that only the heart
can trace
the tranquil pose
with each passing
of your absence
my equanimity erodes
I swim in the shallows
of my emotions
fight the current
traveling upstream
where love spawned
a lifetime ago
I began my journey
back to you
M. Zane McClellan (


eyes meet
hands clasp
hearts race
this moment like the last
and the one before
never growing old
with time

Ken Gierke (

White Dove

One cold evening,
I looked outside
At the ashen sky,
Trembling with grief
For the world
I once knew
And loved,
A world I feared
I might never
Know again.

But a white dove
Came to me,
Bathed in light,
And told me
Not to be afraid,
That the world
Could be better
If only I chose
To make it so.

She told me
That Light
Is stronger
Than Darkness,
That Hope
Is stronger
Than Fear,
That Love
Is stronger
Than Hate.

She reminded me
That just as
The night
Comes before
The dawn
And every storm
Is followed
By sunshine,
So does resistance
Precede acceptance.

Her words
Filled my heart
With hope
And gave
My spirit wings.
In that moment,
The fear I’d felt
Gave way to courage
And the promise
Of a brighter future.

As I watched her
Fly away
Into the sunset,
I smiled,
Knowing now
What I must do.

If I want to
Make the world
A better place,
I have to believe
I can start
With myself.
It’s time to
Be the change.

© J.C. Wolfe, 2017
The Wolfe’s (Writing) Den:


My love for you first formed
From the beat of a drum
In a circle of grandmothers, mothers and daughters
I heard your voice
I felt your unconditional love and acceptance
My vision of you came as peace
And a beacon unto the world
A promise of faith in mankind
I loved you the minute
I felt the beat of your drum

Marie Lukasik-Wallace (


The Mirror
for my son, age 7

Growing into himself too quickly
he questions the composition of his face
positions his eyes slightly closer together
as if an acute pose will make the
mirror aware of his inevitable manhood

tight with time, he is a builder, toppling
his hair, climbing it again with minded hands
he is arched as if running a bridge,
elevated in his position
as the undefeated ruler of himself.

I have encountered my only enemy,
I realize, a mirror that speaks to him
in futurist illusions of adulthood,
wherein lies of glorious independence
speak in imaginary tongue, and I
am the voice of unheard truth:

“romantic possibilities are not on the other side
of your reflection, know the blessing of your
present reality and speak to it as if it loves you
more than you can love yourself.”

The dark is my welcome time now
your original mirror, your arms tight
have you forgotten yourself?
simple presence with original source
oh, what little you know of life
I will teach you everything.

Kate Houck (

Blurry Reflection of Truth

In an unexpected time zone
Somewhere in the infinite,
I stand here straddling,
The known and the unknown,
There’s not a single sound.
Only a Blurry mind;
And lingering thoughts
Waiting for an unimaginable surprise.

Blurry pictures
Of life lived; though chaotic,
But truly beautiful.
Blurry moments
Of your lips entwined with mine
Rise and fall of our chests with every breath.
A relationship so real.
A secret that no ones knows.

Playing truant; words don’t get through
They’re just syllables now.
With a blurry mind and
Lingering thoughts…
As my eyes shut
I think to myself,
“I know I’ll be having trouble
Falling asleep…”

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Somehow, Someday

Somedays when the heavens open up
Cupping my cup of coffee,
I open up my window
And watch rain fall again and again.
Rains; as they fall, fill up all the emptiness within.

Somedays there are nights when I wake up
And sit wondering
Without anything to do at all
About my purpose in life instead
And if things will always end the way they do.

Somedays I just lie in my bed
Surrender myself to laziness, and
To myself I say, “it’s for the best…
You’ve done enough for the week
And now’s the time for you to rest.”

But somedays I wake up
Wishing my loneliness to disappear
That you be near me, waking me up
Maybe just once
But I would like to wake up in your arms again.

Someday we will meet face to face.
I dreamt
That you and me will find each other again
Somehow. Then we’ll walk away,
Hand in hand, together.

Somedays I question myself
What I’m doing? If at all anything!
What I’m turning into and who I am?
Where am I going to find the answers to my problems?
When will I finally able to say I did something and am happy…

I guess
All the jigsaw pieces
Shall fit. Someday…..

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai (

Remembering Possibility

An excellent poem about the state of world affairs.

Kate Houck, Poems

Fresh opportunity,
you were like an infant
coming from comforted darkness
into an array of wailing fresh light.

Mama has always given herself up
to send you forth
into the harshness of thought,
grow your legs
from the moist clay of the Earth,
open your mouth
to echo the sorrows of visible truth.

When you find this sweet country home,
you will find life, growing up and growing old
in the confines of honest exchange
in the textures of embrace
in the borders regardless of need.
Rests in you is barren forgiveness
in its most eloquent form.

Pity what we have lost to these huddled men
more than our country
progress in its infancy—
recognition of the dark, indignant past
we have ignored for too long.

There is no returning home, or so it seems
when the possibility of one another is lost
this is my nation at war, grappling…

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War and Peace.

Please enjoy this poem from an empathic soul.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Confucius Sue Dreamwalker

The world once more seems to whirl around war

I wonder why man is driven to wield such claws

That gouge out the hearts of many in sorrow

I pray for our future and our children’s tomorrows


You would think by now Man would learn

Instead Nations join, sending missiles to burn

Crimson is the colour of all who bleed

No distinction made, as a mother’s heart pleads


Who IS the terrorist with evil intent??

I ask as the hearts of many lament

We go around in circles War after War

‘War to find Peace!’, we all know the score


War is contrived, planned and staged

War creates Power for the Dark one’s


Can you not see the tunnel we are being led?

Wake up People, Don’t feed into Fear and Dread

Send out your Light, the Gift of your Hearts

Join in a Prayer, for…

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Renga Party – Conclusion


It was another challenging week for judging the entries. Not only were the couplets popular with the voters, but of such a fine quality that any of them would have made an excellent addition to the collaboration.

Ken, from the wonderful poetry blog, Rivrlogr, entered a couplet the glided just a feather’s width above the others.

Read Ken’s entry, and the Renga in its entirety HERE.

Thank you to all who entered and participated. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

We also hope you will join us again as we hold future collaborations leading up to the main event, our International Peace Day poem, #poetsforpeace2017. Last year was an amazing experience and we hope to share that with more than the nearly 200 internationally renowned Poets from around the world who joined us last year. That collaboration will begin in early July, please inform as many posts as you can.



The Poet Trio

Michael, Neha, and Marie

Renga ~ Week 2 Results

The judging just keeps getting more difficult as nearly every haiku submitted this week could have been chosen for the Renga.

A few poems did not meet the 5-7-5 syllable requirement for this week. Remember, they will alternate between. 7-7 syllable couplet (this coming week’s required form) and the aforementioned 5-7-5 haiku.

Also, a couple were either a little too off topic, or did not diverge enough from the Hokku. Remember, each stanza is relevant only to the one immediately preceding and immediately following it. So that this week’s haiku should have pivoted away from the Hokku and only related to it in an oblique way.

Keep in mind that this is new to all of us. We are constantly consulting what references we have. But also, this is not a competition. Rather, it is a collaboration and whether your proffered poem is selected or not, you are helping to create the Renga.
That said, the poem chosen this week is:

An ancient turtle

basking on a verdant log

stretches to the sun 

From Janice at:

I hope her haiku inspires you to come up with a wonderful couplet for this week’s round.

Make sure to post your 7-7 couplets in the comments of the original Renga Party post by midnight eastern time (think New York). No other poems will be considered for inclusion in the Renga.

Thank you all so much for joining in this #poetsforpeace experience with us.

The Poet Trio

#PoetsforPeace Renga ~ Week 2 Deadline

The Poetry Channel

Image courtesy of

Just a friendly reminder. You have until midnight tonight, Friday, January 27th to get your haiku entered in the collaborative challenge.

Only those entered in comments in the following post will be considered to follow the stanza selected from last week’s contributions.

Renga Party

Don’t forget to vote by “Liking” the stanza in the comments too.
The Poet Trio

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