Happy New Poets for Peace


Welcome to the new home of the 2017 Poets for Peace Collaboration. The primary purpose of the blog is to host and administer this year’s collaborative effort to coincide with the United Nation’s International Day of Peace, Thursday, September 21, 2017. Note: (Their website has not been updated to reflect the coming year’s activity, but we assume it will be shortly).

In addition we plan to hold one or two smaller collaborations on subjects that fall under the umbrella of Peace such as, Empathy, and/or Compassion. These smaller collaborations will, we hope, help to create a sense of community and stimulate involvement in the wider collaboration that will begin in July.

We welcome all Creative Souls to share your work here., be it poetry, art, photography, or whatever your mode of communicating Peace may be. Video and audio files are limited by the nature of the plan. YouTube videos and SoundCloud audio files can be shared via hyperlinks. If you know of another method of sharing media, please let us know.

The blog will be administered by Neha, from Forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com who graciously hosted last year’s collaboration and worked tirelessly to copy the poems of nearly two hundred poets into the collaboration that was made up of over two hundred fifty poems at the close of the collaboration; Marie, from WritingWingsforYou.com, who devoted the precious little time she had to track down contributors and secure their permission to publish their contribution as part of the collaboration, and was closely involved with the creation of the initial effort and the subsequent groups and concepts that that movement has engendered, such as the Facebook Group, Poets for Peace which we encourage you to join also; and me, Michael, from ThePoetryChannel.wordpress.com. I came up with the idea for the collaboration and then in the spirit of Tom Sawyer got Neha and Marie to whitewash the fence.

Our primary role here is to administer the poetry collaborations and to facilitate the community that we hope to create, our Tribe of Creative Souls, of which we invite you to become a part.

All that we ask is that no hateful expressions of any kind be shared here. Inadvertently derogatory comments and poetry/art will not be shared. Repeated offenses will result in the banning of the user from this website.

We are an inclusive Tribe!

Look for announcements about future collaborations. Anything you wish to share will have to be via comments so that we can moderate for the time being. Anyone interested in contributing, please let us know.

We look forward to expanding the outreach to include more countries this year.


Photo Credit: Neha Dasgupta-Parmar

To view and/or download the PDF of last year’s collaboration, please visit Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature.


32 thoughts on “Happy New Poets for Peace

  1. I would like to contribute to this wonderful cause. I’m sure I already have poems that would fit, and through the year I have no doubt there will be more. How do I become involved?


    1. You already are, thank you, Pete. If I recall (forgive me if I’m wrong, there were nearly 200 contributors) you participated in the 2016 Poet’s for Peace collaboration.
      I will contact you via email to give you details. Thank you SO much.
      ~ Michael

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    1. I would love to read it so we can ascertain the appropriateness of it to our Mission. Will you please email it to us via the Contact page, and give us time to review it and confer with one another?

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      1. That’s even better and easier. I’ll take as look as soon as I can and reblog it on Poets for Peace as long as it fits, as I’m sure it will. Thank you for your interest and joining our tribe.

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