My Quest for Peace in 2017

I will reblog anything that I come across that speaks of Peace until we get going with our first collaborative poem. If you would like your poem shared, please leave it in the comments with a link to your blog.
We will announce the first collaboration shortly. I am leaning toward a Renga (because I have been wanting to do one) on Compassion or Empathy.

Writing Wings For You

May this be the year throughout the land, our day of peace.

Unquenchable Thirst for Peace

My body is restless

My tongue caked and aching with

an unquenchable thirst

for Peace.

Until  every voice is heard

until our homes and communities

are compassionate

and loving

Until our sisters  and brothers decide that

it is not about competition

but our hearts uniting and expressing

in collaboration

Only then

only then

will my tongue be satisfied

and my body at rest.

My heart continues to look for peace, and I will do all i can with word and deed to promote peace.  I truly believe this energy can radiate forward.

Namaste.   #poetsforpeace

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3 thoughts on “My Quest for Peace in 2017

    1. Thanks, Clarissa. I thought so too. I hope there is sufficient interest to keep it going for a while. Thanks for your enthusiasm. I appreciate you.

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