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The Silent Eye

cartoon Grammar

“ … the standard translation of one of the chief scriptures of China refers to the venerable Lao Tse as “the Old Boy”. This sounds comical to European ears, yet it is not so far removed from the words of another Scripture which has been fortunate enough to receive translation at the hands of those who reverenced it; “Except ye become as a little child.” I am not a sinologue, but I incline to the opinion that the translation “Eternal Child” would have been equally accurate and in better taste.” Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune’s comment in The Mystical Qabalah struck me when I first read it, more decades ago than I care to remember. Nothing unusual there, as what I learned from her teachings over the ensuing years has shaped and informed my thoughts and personal journey since my grandfather gave me that book when I was fifteen. I still…

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Two Poems from Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, One of the 2016 Poets for Peace

Guiding Light

The present is here
The past doesn’t exist anymore 
And the future hasn’t me yet.
No time to sit and mope over past regrets.

Be grateful for all that you have today
And all that is given to you.
Love unconditionally, love freely.
Grow in love; celebrate what you have.

The halls and gullies of your mind
Are filled with haunting memories.
They shall whisper to you every day,
The heartbeat of which will never fade.

Your home; your family; is where your heart is.
Some days may be tough,
So if you don’t just sit and mope
Together, you will be able to cope.

Don’t sulk and sob, whine and cry.
All you need is some peace and quiet.
Let love follow wherever you go.
Allow your heart to always be filled with hope.

Leave sad thoughts behind, and
Let harmony and joy fill your mind.

— Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

In Peace I Protest
For replacing towering trees with skyscrapers
And soil with concrete.
For arms and ammunition in the hands of children
And children in wombs addicted to drugs.
For every abused citizen of the country
And every veteran fighting for his right
In peace I protest.
For every menacing bomb that replaces literature
And takes away our freedom of speech.
For every forceful government
Whose policies leave us numb.
For every farmer whose yield goes waste
And inflation breaking his backbone driving him to suicide.
In peace; I protest.
For every citizen continually fighting 
For the right to represent himself as an equal.
For paid media creating a chaotic and a violent environment
As they continually prove they are pawns to the system.
For extreme consequences that nonconformity brings
And disparities on pretext of complexion, culture, and religious beliefs.
In peace I protest.
It’s time to speak up
And protest against the laws
That allow the violation of our human liberties
And deterioration of our resources.
It’s time to lead, and simplyBe the change we want to see
It’s time to protest in peace.

— Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

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Flower shop is closed

Check out this great poem from one of the newest members of our TRIBE OF Creative souls.

Let it be beautiful


Picture ^Children’s grave^

The flower shop was closed long time ago.Even before the soldier was born.Had nothing to bring on his final destination to get to know his heart.

He walked alone.

Heavy footsteps echoed through eternity.

All of soldier’s power collapsed to his knees on his own grave.

Soldier’s tear fell on the ground.

Long time ahead the soldier’s grave yard has become field of flowers.

The soldier left the battlefield and came armed in this exquisite war.

And won by one single exquisite tear.


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Peace Song ‘The United States Of Planet Earth‘ by Michel Montecrossa

​Please take a few minutes to enjoy our first guest blogger and new Partner in Peace. We are excited to introduce a wonderful talent with a global vision of Peace as exemplified in the various media they engage in as a Poet, Musician, and Artist.

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Image © Filmaur Multimedia  
‘The United States Of Planet Earth‘ is Michel Montecrossa’s 
New-Topical-Song about the way into the future.

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘The United States of Planet Earth’:

“Truth or the abyss is the current situation: more greed, more 
conflicts, more poverty, more injustice, more climate change, more 
natural disasters, famines and more helplessness or a world wide 
awakening. If we want to have a future, or even want to survive, we need 
the United States of Planet Earth – there is no other way out.“

Listen here to the song on Audiomack:

Watch here the music video of the song on Vimeo:

Song Lyrics
The United States Of Planet Earth

The United States of Planet Earth
are my vision of the future world.
The United States of Planet Earth
with the United Nations as world government.

The Union of Eurasia
are my vision of the next step
on the way to reach the great goal
of the United States of Planet Earth.

The living celebration of humanity
is my vision of the future world
on an earth of peace and happiness,
of freedom and joy for all.

Through work for all and equal wages,
through justice for all in all lands,
through giving and taking in the right way,
through friendship of all on the future planet.

The United States of Planet Earth
are my vision of the future world:
All nations united in the will for peace
and progress on the way into space age.

Space age time.
Space age wide.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

The German version of this song ‘Die Vereinigten Staaten Des Planeten 
Erde’ can be found here (audio: ) & 
(video: )

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa 

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War and Peace.

Please enjoy this poem from an empathic soul.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Confucius Sue Dreamwalker

The world once more seems to whirl around war

I wonder why man is driven to wield such claws

That gouge out the hearts of many in sorrow

I pray for our future and our children’s tomorrows


You would think by now Man would learn

Instead Nations join, sending missiles to burn

Crimson is the colour of all who bleed

No distinction made, as a mother’s heart pleads


Who IS the terrorist with evil intent??

I ask as the hearts of many lament

We go around in circles War after War

‘War to find Peace!’, we all know the score


War is contrived, planned and staged

War creates Power for the Dark one’s


Can you not see the tunnel we are being led?

Wake up People, Don’t feed into Fear and Dread

Send out your Light, the Gift of your Hearts

Join in a Prayer, for…

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Renga Party – Conclusion


It was another challenging week for judging the entries. Not only were the couplets popular with the voters, but of such a fine quality that any of them would have made an excellent addition to the collaboration.

Ken, from the wonderful poetry blog, Rivrlogr, entered a couplet the glided just a feather’s width above the others.

Read Ken’s entry, and the Renga in its entirety HERE.

Thank you to all who entered and participated. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

We also hope you will join us again as we hold future collaborations leading up to the main event, our International Peace Day poem, #poetsforpeace2017. Last year was an amazing experience and we hope to share that with more than the nearly 200 internationally renowned Poets from around the world who joined us last year. That collaboration will begin in early July, please inform as many posts as you can.



The Poet Trio

Michael, Neha, and Marie

Renga ~ Week 2 Results

The judging just keeps getting more difficult as nearly every haiku submitted this week could have been chosen for the Renga.

A few poems did not meet the 5-7-5 syllable requirement for this week. Remember, they will alternate between. 7-7 syllable couplet (this coming week’s required form) and the aforementioned 5-7-5 haiku.

Also, a couple were either a little too off topic, or did not diverge enough from the Hokku. Remember, each stanza is relevant only to the one immediately preceding and immediately following it. So that this week’s haiku should have pivoted away from the Hokku and only related to it in an oblique way.

Keep in mind that this is new to all of us. We are constantly consulting what references we have. But also, this is not a competition. Rather, it is a collaboration and whether your proffered poem is selected or not, you are helping to create the Renga.
That said, the poem chosen this week is:

An ancient turtle

basking on a verdant log

stretches to the sun 

From Janice at:

I hope her haiku inspires you to come up with a wonderful couplet for this week’s round.

Make sure to post your 7-7 couplets in the comments of the original Renga Party post by midnight eastern time (think New York). No other poems will be considered for inclusion in the Renga.

Thank you all so much for joining in this #poetsforpeace experience with us.

The Poet Trio