Mission Statement

Poets for peace is on a mission to create a community of people who use their talents, abilities and creativity to build understanding and peace throughout the world through poetry and art with deep respect in honoring the diversity of cultures, and personal identity.


Join this world Community of Creative Souls, this International Tribe for Peace. Share your poetry, art, or photography in an effort to promote peace … and to call for tangible, palpable, and measurable change.

We challenge you as Poets to use your words in the interest of peace.

Make your poems instruments of change in the world, a change toward universal peace. If you would use your words to cut, let it be with surgical precision that you use to cut out the cancer of hate.

Use your words as torches, not to burn down, but to light the way.

If you would use your words as bricks, use them not to hurl at one another, but lay them on the ground carefully from end to end to pave a road so that those behind you know the right direction and have an easier time getting to where you are.

Use them to build bridges not walls, schools and not prisons, homes and not homeless shelters.

If you must use your words as weapons, let it be to defend the defenseless, but in a way that does no harm and sets an example for others to follow.

Do not decimate your enemy with your words, but teach them that in ignorance there is only our own undoing, that we are stronger together than we could ever be divided.

Teach them that love is the reason we are here and that no matter who or what you believe, you are a brother and sister worthy of dignity and respect in this world that belongs to us all.